Our products improve efficiency and company management by using the best market security capability.


Discover how to minimise Windows risk breaches by using our innovative security solutions.

Proactive integral solution to protect virtual and physical locations against admin tools which might increase overall risk level.

Security environment is allocated in order to carry out complex processes regardless of user’s permissions.

Added value

Cutting-edge system protection

  • Proactive solution.
  • Seamless productivity and performance.
  • High-level processes security.
  • Over 95%* security protection – against traditional 60%..
  • Reduced consequences when using the Principle of Least Privilege.

Exclusive features

  • Permissions management.
  • Real time encryption control.
  • Creation and rules management.
  • Security definition by using easy drag-and-drop .
  • Local and global folders protection.


  • No update needed.
  • Regulatory compliance.
  • Unique tool with anti-ransomware and proactive protection.
  • Monitoring and sign-up systems integration.
  • No need for additional resources.
  • Approved by Instituto Nacional de Ciberseguridad Español (INCIBE).

Why is it interesting?

  • Do you think security breaches are related to a wrong set-up or bad credentials management?
  • Do you think Windows vulnerabilities use the admin privileges?
  • Do you think that applying POLP (Principle of least Privilege) can be controlled?
  • Do you think the most vulnerable element regarding security is human behavior?
  • Do you want us to protect your business?
  • Do you think that traditional frameworks are not enough to neutralise an attack?
  • Do you want to prevent your company from hacking, ransomware attacks, aleatory attacks, files hijacking?
  • Do you want to avoid economic and customer loss, constant system drops, reputational risk or information loss…?