Application Distribution

Our products improve efficiency and company management by using the best market security capability.

Simark Deployment Manager (SDM)

We make the difference when it comes to corporate apps management.

Based on the privileges app management, the solution allows to build a “Corporate apps catalogue” where the end user is enabled to proceed with the full installation without admin permissions.

Added value

  • App self-service through Corporate Apps Portal .
  • Dependencies management, Updates, Patches and Service Packs.
  • Admin tasks can be delegated to end users without admin permissions.
  • Scheduled tasks implementation.
  • Large variety of filter options.
  • Urgent distribution.
  • Hardware & Software inventory.
  • Agile and centralised management.

Exclusive features

  • No specific infrastructure needed for installation and later performance as it is based on the Active Directory.
  • Unattended and automatic scheduled apps management.
  • Different environments (test, pre-production and production) are under the same Active Directory instance.
  • Distributed Software repository based on Sites Active Directory that allows the end user to access their own closest repository.


  • Both mandatory and on-demand installation / update.
  • ERecurring admin tasks execution.
  • Automatic fixing of incidences.
  • Automatic apps uninstalling.
  • Emergency distribution. Ability to execute specific commands set up by the admin in case of emergency.
  • Reduce Helpdesk interventions.

Why is it interesting?

  • Do you want to get more flexibility and efficiency when the apps deployment occur?
  • ¿Do you need to update, uninstall or repair apps on a regular basis?
  • Do you want to structure the apps through categories, but also customise tagging to build your corporate portal and its optimised search methods?


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