Digital identity

Technology that enables faster online engagement by integrating digital signature, facial biometry, machine learning and blockchain.

Know your digital customer (KYDC)

KDYC is the tool that allows you to create a customised hiring process adapted to your business’ needs.

With this tool you will identify your clients digitally wherever they are. No need to download any app. Web app supported by any device.

KSYC is the best way to manage your and your customers’ digital identity.

Added value

  • Identify your client remotely.
  • Capture information from official documentation.
  • Identify your customer remotely and compare with the ID facial biometry .
  • Identify your product by using barcodes or QR.
  • Use electronic signature .

Exclusive features

  • We adapt our products to the specific company flow so you can create your own hiring process.
  • No need to download any software or app. Previous knowledge is not required either.
  • Evidence generation and operation certificates with contract integration guarantee the process compliance.


  • 100 % reliable, Eidas, Min. de Industria, GDPR, ISO, European Agency of Digital Trust, e-Sign Act, UniformElectronic Transaction Act.
  • 100 % integrable solution through APIs, web services, callbacks….
  • 1!00 % customisable by choosing the components you need: QR reader, ID OCR, facial comparison, electronic signature through OTP, biometry…

Why is it interesting?

  • Would you like to hire remotely removing uncertainty from the KYC process and generate signed documentation?
  • Would you like to identify your customers digitally wherever they are without downloading any app and only using your browser?
  • Do you want to meet all the legal regulations by providing evidence given by our hiring processes?
  • Do you want to increase sales by facilitating a better hiring process with the best usability possible?
  • Do you want to build customised signature flows in order to guarantee the full digitisation of the hiring process?
  • Do you want us to custody your documentation and attached evidence?
  • Do you want to design signature flows adapted to your business?
  • Do you need a strong authentication service based on video recording?


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