Requirements management

Our requirements management implies the most innovative tools that allow us to meet strict quality guidelines.

Requirements Authoring Tools (RAT)

Do you think you are wasting time waiting for the documentation to reach the quality assurance teams in order to review it? Now, the Requirements Authoring Tools (RAT) allows any author to analyse on real time all the rules given by VERIFICATION Studio.

  • RAT consists of a plugin that runs over the main management tools with focus on market requirements.
  • Real time analysis of requirements quality.
  • Includes patterns (templates) so the grammatical structure of your requirements is always consistent.

Added value

Requirements Authoring Tools allows you to:

  • Let authors run their own inspection process by avoiding endless improvement cycles between authors and reviewers.
  • Measure dozens of quality rules related to your requirements.
  • Support requirements writing based on patterns, so all your authors will be able to follow grammatical structures recommended by the organisation. This will lead to a better understanding of requirements by everyone involved in the process.

Exclusive features

  • Connect with rules run with VERIFICATION Studio.
  • Plugin over other tools such as IBM DOORS OR PTC Integrity.
  • Connect natively with other tools such as Catia 3DExperience of Dassasult Systèmes.
  • Completion and consistency analysis on real time.
  • Connect with tools that will allow you to manage complex glossaries and dictionaries. You will also be able to check key concepts definitions used across your requirements.
  • Select available patterns to merge the grammatical structure of a consistent requirement shaped by other concepts contained in your glossary. Therefore, all your team will get straightforward requirements.

Do you want to know how to write and verify requirements efficiently?

Toolkit that allows to define, measure and improve the quality of the requirements management process.

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