Innovative and efficient solutions for the protection of corporate assets

We help organizations to provide privileged and secure access
for information systems

Sessions manager

Provides real-time monitoring of all privileged users’ access and sessions to prevent and to detect malicious activity.

Password manager

Enables super-administrators to regain control over access governance by managing password complexity and guaranteeing that passwords are not divulged or hijacked.

Access manager

Protecting and controlling external access to critical assets is a priority in the new digital era of cyber threats.

Privilege manager

Ensure that only the right privilege is granted to the right account, at the right time, without compromising productivity.

We are a CyberSecurity solutions integrator and a managed services provider.


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Control access to your resources

Gain real-time visibility and analysis of all privileged activities, including full session recording and metadata extraction to hold users accountable for actions on sensitive assets:

  • Ensure that only the authorized user can access the authorized resources at the right time with advanced access workflows.
  • Protect credentials, even when leaked, with automatic rotation, periodically or based on check-in/check-out.
  • Limit resources visibility from users with strict account segregation between primary and target accounts.
  • IIdentify suspicious behavior and trigger automatic session termination.

Reduce TCO with simplified build & run

Optimize your total cost of ownership with the solution recognized for its low TCO, requiring minimal administration time from the IT team for efficient and effective security.

  • Deploy quickly and with no interruption to daily workflows, allowing administrators to “set it and forget it”.
  • Easy to use and easy to integrate, the Bastion minimizes Build & Run intervention time for your IT team.

Ensure regulatory compliance

Benefit from an all-in-one solution to meet access and data regulations, and compliance requirements.

  • Ensure internal security meets industry standards – and avoid penalties by protecting and tracing critical data access.
  • Comply with specific regulation requirements with access control, monitoring, and audit capabilities (GDPR, NIS, ISO 27001, HIPAA, PCI DSS, etc.).

Integral managed service

We take care to examine and filter in real time all the information of your organization with the certainty that your information is always protected.

We establish all necessary controls aimed at addressing the security risks that our company data may suffer, blocking of ransonware, malware, spyware, adware, phishing …

We help you protect your business from the most vulnerable element: human behavior.

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